poisonYour health as well as your children health are not the things to be gambled with. Be aware of foods with toxic substances that you might eat every day. Pay careful note to it and watch put to toxins. All convenience and processed foods contain harmful chemicals produced by drug technology such as flavor enhancers, preservatives, additives, coloring agents, dyes, artificial sweeteners that should be fully avoided.

1. Sweeteners. Sugar and all artificial sweeteners like enormously toxic Aspartame, Amino-Sweet and Neotame. Neotame is a new product created by nanotechnology has similar structure to Aspartame, but appears to be even more toxic than Aspartame and it is not labeled! This intensively sweetened and very dangerous chemicls intended to substitude sugar. However, sugar itself is long known to be harmful. Even though it is made from natural plants, it is heated and chemically refined – no longer natural by definition and must be totally avoided in the persue for ultimate health and good eyesight.

2. Toxins in drinking. The human body is about 80% water, and the eyes are 99% water. They can not function without a constant flow of fresh water: it absorbs and washes out cell waste and supplies cells with vitally-needed minerals. That makes water the nutrient #1 and the most important driving force for metabolism and health .

Unfortunately, however, public drinking water now is highly contaminated with enormously toxic fluoride products, medical drugs (over 12 pharmaceuticals like painkillers, antibiotics and antidepressants), radioactive substances such as arsenic and even uranium. These toxins make it very dangerous to drink. One of the most health threatening of them, fluoride (Hexafluorosilicic acid ) is a waste product of the fertilizer and aluminum industries, was used as rat poison in Nazi Germany, and is a basic ingredient in Prozac and Sarin nerve gas. It causes cancer, deformities in children, blindness, brain damage, lowers IQ, causes neurotic effects, arthritic symptoms, effects the pineal gland and thyroid function. The list goes on and on.

Boiling water doesn’t help to clean drinkg water from this poxins because boiling actually makes these chemicals stronger. So, using your own filter appoears as only sollution.

All bottled drinks on market made of this contaminated water! Think about it and avoid them!

Most water on the market is not spring water, as it is often labeled, but simply heavily filtrated municipal water. And it is doubly harmful because:

a) it is sold in a plastic bottles and plastic releases harmful toxins into the water and
b) the water is filtrated to practically pure H2O.
The reason b) above is harmful is explained as follows. A water molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. The covalent bonds between these atoms are very weak, and have a tendency to break, like in evaporation, or absorb minerals (like in a mineral spring). When water is completely filtrated, it does the same inside our body – it absorb minerals and strips each bone and organ of valuable minerals making them weak and sick. You know that fish die in this water?! So also do our cells, but slowly! With all this said, it’s obvious that among all drinks the only trusted drink can be only water from your personal filter.

The eyes which are 99% water need a constant supply of fresh water, otherwise their tiny excretory tubes get blocked with waste and the toxins, resulting in eye disease, including glaucoma, cataracts, cancer. Get yourself a water filter, make sure it is sufficient to remove all toxins mentioned above. Carry your water in a glass bottle wherever you go and drink plenty of it for best health.

3. Alcohol.The most covert and unfortunately the most widely-used toxin is ethanol, also called alcohol. It is the basic component of all alcoholic beverages, including so-called non-alcoholic beer. Ethanol, is protoplasmic toxin, it reaches each cell in the body and harms or destroys them triggering all possible health condition, it alters DNA and causes genetic disorders . The New York State Department of Health has this strong statement on one of its educational charts:

“Alcohol causes more misery, sickness, inefficiency, and death than any other single cause, it is not a food – it is poison; total abstinence decidedly increases longevity.”

ambulanceEthanol paralyzes the micro muscles in the eyes, coagulates blood in the micro capillaries, blocks nutrients and oxygen delivery to eye cells, causing sight weakening eye deceases. In 1975, during the congress of the World Health Organization, alcohol was defined as a toxin, which is all people would need to know to REJECT this poison instantly and forever!

4. Pasteurization is a food processing to kill bacteria by heating the food up to 115 F or 46 C, which also destroys live enzymes and makes the food dead – no longer beneficial for good health.. Be aware that it is applied not only to milk, turning it to harmful substance, but to the honey and nuts as well. Raw nuts are great source of live proteins and enzymes, but most nuts these days are pasteurized, this might be not indicated and nuts still labeled as raw. Google for non-pasteurized nuts. Raw honey is high in vitamin C, is a strong antibacterial agent, has excellent immunity building properties, facilitates digestion (contains the enzyme amylase), and includes healing agents (bee products such as pollen, propolis, and waxes). Pasteurization ruins all that, turning honey to simple syrup. You still can find raw honey if look for specifically for non-pasteurized.

5. Irradiation is a processing of radiating grains, meat and meat products, fruits, vegetables and herbs. Ionizing radiation is intended to kill bacteria for longer storage, but it, also, makes radiated food harmful to the body and, also destroys vitamins and enzymes making raw food dead Just think about it, and use your money for live, real food. Identify irradiation by its logo on the label:

6. Vaccinations, including flu shots, Polio Vaccines are extremely dangerous to the whole body and eyes in particular. It is injection harmful viruses and chemicals. There is no guarantee to avoid vaccine risks, that a vaccine reaction, injury or death can occur. It is always important to remember that vaccines are pharmaceutical products, which carry risks that can be greater for some than others for many reasons, including genetic and biological high risk factors that have not been identified yet. Do not expose yourself and your children to it! Get more information here:

“Harm by Vaccine” – You can read more here – “Polio Vaccine Gave Cancer Causing Virus To Millions” –

7. Trans Fats. All heated fats and proteins like fried oils and roasted nuts are carcino-genic – contain harmful trans fats. Raw Food Diet

8. GMO (genetically modified organism). Most of crops and potatoes now days are genetically modified. GMO cause massive tumours, organ demages and premature death, on animals and this call for high alert on the consumption of food made of GMO products. Watch Dr. Mercola videos about GMO for more information. What is the simple way to avoid GMO – adhere to raw food diet. Read Right Diet article

9. All products of pharmacology and first of all psychiatric drugs. “Pharma” from Greek means “poison” and Pharmacology means “study of poisons”: It is medical science concerned with the study of drug action, where a drug defined as any man-made, natural, or chemical substance that effect biological function of the organism. Therefore, each medication essentialy is poison and all medications used for the treatments of any health condition can cause side effects – a harmful alterations to the natural integrity of biological processes inside the body. All Drugs are Toxic. Switching to the Raw Food Diet helps the organism in self healling and allows to live life without medications. The Secret of Eyes Eyesight Improvement Program gives exact explanation how the avoidance of all this toxic substances open the door to better vision, ultimate health and even higher IQ.

Avoid toxins – do not ruin your eyes and your body and restore your sight with The Secret of Eyes fast!