The Secret of Eyes Eyesight Improvement Program has no recommendations for any supplements and here is why.

There are some bilberry extract and lutein supplements advertised as helpful to the eyes. If raw food is the basic of your diet you don’t need this supplement, because the beneficial ingredients in them are biological pigments such as lutein, anthocyanin or zeaxanthin – substances, produced exclusively by plants, that carry color and can be obtained only from raw plants, fruits, and egg yolk.

The pigments are naturally present in the eyes and re-supplied by consumption of natural food. However, due to poor diet there might a deficiency in pigments, which causes weakness in visual performance, reduced perception of blue light, sensitivity to glare, risk of cataract development, macular degeneration and blindness. Lutein, Anthocyanin and Zeaxanthin can be fully provided with the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables! As a an example: 1capsule with Lutein has only 10mg. of Lutein and in products (contents in milligram on 100 gram of raw product):

Kale 39550
Dandelion 13610
Nasturtium 13600
Turnip greens 12825
Spinach 12198
Watercress 5767
Garden peas 2583
Romaine lettuce 2312
Kiwifruit 122

Also found in orange fruits and yolk.

As it shown raw green leafy vegetables are the best providers of the most important nutrients for healthy eyes. With rational diet of at least 80% raw food no supplements are needed. Taking supplements one can never be totally certain of: how essential product was processed during manufacturing (might been stripped of most value), and how much you need at the given moment. Every time you take supplements, you really don’t know what is there inside the pill or capsule, how your organism need or does it need it at all.

Some particular supplements can be used for a while if you trust manufacturing company and know for sure that they will help with your specific health issue, or as a preventive agent with some environmental issue like Kelp supplement (in case of radioactive contamination). Otherwise eating raw food will provide all needed nutrients in a balanced way so that you never have even to think about vitamins, minerals or pigments.

The body can assimilate only what it needs at the moment, and excess of anything, despite of being suggested as good and healthy, can be recognized by the body as a toxic. More on that: no supplements, no matter how hard they are advertised will give stable health improvement if the basic diet is not switched to Raw Food.

All medical drugs have side effects – they are intended to help one organ, but also harm other organs, because they are chemicals, alien to our biological system, normally very acidic and harmful substances. They should be gradually replaced with raw food.

Mutable scientific researches revealed that raw food is really healing – it stimulates the immune system, enhances metabolism and innate ability to break down particles of chemicals, free radicals, radiation and other harmful particles that we get from the environment. Enzymes in raw food have been found as aiding in relieving depression, uplifting emotional level and even raising IQ. Raw foods stimulate deliver all needed nutrients.

veggies-fruitsFor example, on the mostly raw food diet, body can produce sufficient amount of the vitally-needed vitamins D3 and D2. This vitamins are hormones in fact, and can be generated in the skin under exposure to the sunlight and in eyes if light is not blocked by sunglasses. Meanwhile the sunscreen and sunglasses manufacturers together with dermatology industry push the line that sunlight is harmful, must be avoided at any costs, and make public to buy their products and synthetic vitamin D (proven as very toxic in overdose). In truth the morning and evening sunlight is very healthy.

Ultraviolet light from the sun is vital for every living form, for our body and for our eyes in particular. Though the iris it reaches hypothalamus, this activates metabolism, generates vitamins A and D and empowers physiologic and mental performances. The propaganda that sunlight is harmful is utterly wrong and based on old information with lack of valid research. Throughout evolution, humans have been exposed to the sun – the source of life. The lack of exposure to sunlight causes weakening of biological functionality, lead to depression and many degenerative diseases including cancer.

The biggest victims of this propaganda are the eyes. Sunglasses as blocking vitally-needed sunlight are one of the major causes of eye diseases and poor eyesight in current culture because if the eyes don’t receive sunlight it leads to degeneration of eye tissues. In contrast, people who work outdoors often have better eyesight because their eyes are always exposed to the sun.

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