manSelf- affirmation is the beginning of any success.
Self-affirmation is a change of attitude, change in behavior, taking actions to maintain or improve the integrity of the self, of the body and as in our case – of the eyes. The ultimate goal is a happier life, maintaining an image of its self-integrity, morality and adequacy. Believing in yourself is a key point in this endeavor. It is generating more self-esteem with motivation to restore and maintain self-worth, integrity and health.

“People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.” – Norman Vincent Peale. Self-affirmation increases the openness of people to new ideas and to those that are difficult to accept.

For example, when encountering negative information about health issues, people often try to resist the information and persist with their unhealthy habits. As a result of self-affirmation, one can overcome unhealthy habits, since one is secure enough to accept and act upon news of potential health risks, and then is motivated to engage in corrective actions. Self-affirmation encourages people to take a more decisive actions towards desirable achievements.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

The most workable technique of self affirmation is creating an image of desirable characteristics or achievements, and writing them down with the belief that it has already become true. Believe it, and you shall receive it, as what you validate gets stronger!

To improve health and eyesight in particular, is a simple goal that can be achieved. The Secret of Eyes provides proven working technology to make it possible – you just have to go though the program. Here is great data that will help your self-affirmation.

Dr. John Cairns, a British molecular biologist1988 stated: “Each and every cell in our bodies has a type of consciousness. Genes change their expression depending on what is happening outside our cells and even outside our bodies.”

A breakthrough discovery was made regarding the core of biological life – the DNA, lead by independent scientists like Peter P, Gariaev, PhD and Glen Rein, PhD that DNA is not just a complicated system, it has thinking ability.

dnaIt has been already known that DNA contains the code of the molecule, chooses right elements from its environment, attaches it into the right place, creates new molecules constantly and regenerates new cells. However, using a newly-invented DNA laser, Peter P. Gariaev discovered that DNA also has ability to consider! It is able to make solutions to problems and acts according to it. The human genome is not just a combination of chemical or physical matter that works in automatics, but it is a living structure performing conscious acts!

It was discovered that:

The genetic apparatus is a quantum bio computer.
DNA determines what kind of protein to produce and when. Then, genes – which are part of DNA – jump, transpositioning themselves to change the context of DNA.
Chromosomes emanate photons – coherent light ( like light from a laser).
DNA operates as an antenna, receiving and transmitting information.
All of approximately 75 trillion cells in the human body always know everything about each other, and register any changes instantly.
The organism operates as a quantum-spin system of instant transmission of information.
The whole body works as one entity: information spreads instantly, providing harmonic coexistence of trillions of cells together as one system and its evolution.
For centuries, scientists were looking for the human mind inside the brain, but it actually found much deeper – inside the cell nucleus – in DNA!

Dr. Peter P. Gariaev, a father of a new science – Wave Genetics, with his researching team discovered the most stunning phenomenon: DNA was altering its pattern, and consequently changing the structure of a particular body part according to the thoughts of participants in the experiments! Does that sound like magic?

In the words of Dr. Gariaev, the body is a living computer which is able to perceive communication and it can improve its condition if you talk to it (or to its part of the particular concern). Something like, “Hey, we’ve been together for this long, let’s keep going. Just be well!” The simple like that! It does work!

If you stop consuming toxic substances and provide right food your body can restore itself and improve health. This is really simple to understand.

The human body, including the eyes performs in an absolutely irreproachable and perfect way, it never malfunctions if treated right. We are given the body for free and often take it for granted. This is the time to take responsibility, appreciate it and provide real care! The human body is a truly amazing creation of perfection. If one looks at processes inside even a single cell – it is even more complex than life in a huge city like New York and everything operates with a highest level of exactness and harmony. Human body even has truly amazing mechanism of regeneration – it can restore itself if just provided right food and clean water!

eyesSo, .in your pathway to stable health and good eyesight you are not alone – armies of your cells are on your site! The only thing needed is your intention, your certainty and taking actions towards improvement!

The certainty is a key point. What you validate, you make stronger. If you believe in a diagnosis of some disease, or in verdict that your eyes are sick and need glasses – you will get more of it. However, if you simply disagree with these things, if you think rationally and question yourself: “Why did I get this problem? What is that I was doing wrong?” Then make your own research how to improve condition and go for it – you will become healthy and see without glasses again. Lots of true data is introduced to you on this website.

As a summary, good stable health and great eyesight are the simplest things in life to have, get the data how from The Secret of Eyes program!