Eye Problems

BARRIERS  to  sight  improvements.
Vision  can  be   restored  ONLY   if   you   remove  them – find  out  what  they  are
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First time in a history we reveal the barriers to sight improvements and tell you
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eye2The Secret of Eyes a sight improvement program effective for both refractive and organic eye problems. The basic cause of all eye conditions is that people don’t know what IS the biological mechaism of vision, how the eyes are designed and how to take care of them. The statement that any eye problems can be inhereted proven as not true.

The Secret of Eyes revealed the real causes behind all of eye problems, leaves you with clear understanding of why and how eyesight gets poor, enables you to instantly overcome the barries to eye improvement and walks you through to your great stable vision.

So, what is the basic of all refractive problems? According to so-called academic approach it is a failure in accommodation. Accommodation is defined as adjustment of focal distance of the eye lens, so that the lens by changing its shape allows eye to focus on objects at various distances and form sharp image of it on the light sensatibe lyer of the inner back part of the eye called retina. This concept of accomodation when it is only due to the changes of the shape of the lens is very limited and cosiquently misleading. It is the basic operating theory that used in aphtalmology and conditions people after each shift of the eyesight to use glasses and be a patient of eye doctors to the rest of their lives. This theory is wrong, it only covers the problem by glasses, by placing corrective lenses into their eyes or going through very dangerous surgeries to cut lens or muscle of their eyes. This so-called academic approach deals only with effects, it is a “dead end way” approach – one is doomed to always fix effect if cause is not lifted off!

It appears as a big trap setting people for life to wear stronger and stronger glasses or go through one eye correction sugrery after another. All this mechanical ways to correct accommodation are only temperary and very harmful solusions, look helpful only for a while and set suffering people on full dependance from the practitioners delivering this “service” and leave all eye problems as a big, dark and sad mistery.

The Secret of Eyes brings relieving light over this mystery and exposes the real causes behind all eye problems. The truth is that it is not just the tiny cristalline lens that is responsible for accommodation but ruther the whole system of eye and first of all six big eye muscle called “muscles of orbit”.

They are controlled by automatic nervous system of the whole body and play major role in accommodation, The eye works as simple photographic camera via changes of its shape. Read the “Basic Method” for better understanding.

The failure in the functionality of this muscles results in the refractive problems. The refractive problems of the eyes never come alone – they always connected to the organic problems, corelated and often cause one another. The great point is that they both can be corrected easily. Our body including the eyes is the gloriously created and the most sophisticated self regenerating biological mashine, we only have to stop hurtnig it, give right fuel and use in the right way – it will restore itself fast.

boyThe Secret of Eyes gives exact, simple and perfectly working technology to restore biological integrity of eyes and get back great eyesight.. This Eyeight Improvement Program addresses the causes of eye problems in difference to so-called academical approach that deals only with effects.

The Secret of Eyes offers an new evolutionary slant of vision.

Near-sightedness or Myopia is a refractive defect of the eye when the light that comes into the eye, doesn’t focus on the retina but in front of it – inside the eye.. This causes the image of distant object to be out of focus but in focus of close object.

Ophthalmologists correct myopia by the prescribing corrective lenses as is shown in the picture above, such as glasses or contact lenses or by refractive surgery, which always are cases of associated side effects, damaging integrity of eyes and aggrevating problems. The concave (“+” diopters) corrective lenses create an optical effect which compensates focus for the myopic eyes but don’t do nothing with the cause of the problem. The statement that Near-sightedness or Myopia is partly hereditary proven to be not correct but can be a case of common harmful to the eyes habits like parents used to read in a dark with not enough light or keeping the book too close to the eyes and allowed their children do the same .

The Secret of Eyes gives full explanation and true cause of Near-sightedness phenomenon and walks you through to get rid of this defect and restore your eyesight.

Far-sighteness or Hyperopia is a defect of vision caused by an imperfection in the eye causing difficulty focusing on near objects, and in extreme cases resulting on unablility to focus on distant objects as well. As an object moves toward the eye, the eye must increase its optical power to keep the image in focus on the retina. If this power is insufficient, as in hyperopia, the image will appear blurred.

Ophthalmology compensate this eye problem by “-“ prescribtion, that are harmful to eyes and aggrevating problems. People with hyperopia can experience blurred vision, asthenopia, accommodative dysfunction, binocular dysfunction, amblyopia, and strabismus.

man2Over-40’s reading blur or Presbyopia is a condition where the eye exhibits a progressively diminishing with age ability to focus on near objects. It is also sometimes referred to as farsightedness, since in otherwise normally-sighted persons it makes it more difficult to focus on near objects than on far objects and might involve an eye that is too short making images focus at a point behind the retina. The current medical encyclopedias state that exact mechanism is still unknown, but it is not true because it is well reserched, and easy to be corrected regardless of age – read “The Basic Method “ article.

The statement that causes of hyperopia are typically genetic proven as not true. The basic cause of far-sightedness ot presbyopia like of all other refractive defects is that people don’t know what the biological mechaism of vision is, how their eyes designed and how to take care of them to maintain good sight. The Secret of Eyes gives clear objective answers to Near-sightedness and Presbyopyiam, and fully natural technology to correct this sight defects and restore the eyesight.

Astigmatism is an optical defect in which vision is blurred due to the inability of the optics of the eye to focus sharp images of objects on the retina. This due to an irregular or asymmetric shape of the eyes. Standart medical way to correct this by contact or toric lens only works for a while and causes serous complications including further degradation of sight and eye dieases like cataracts and glaucoma.

Watch The Secret of Eyes for better understanding and solutions.

Cross-Eyed or Strabismus or squint-eyed is a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned with each other. It typically involves a lack of coordination between the extraocular muscles, which make it impossible to bring the gaze of each eye to the same point in space and prevent proper binocular vision, which may adversely affect depth perception. Strabismus can be either a disorder in coordinating the eyes, or of one or more of the relevant muscles’ power resulting in failure in coordinating the eyes and/or direction of motion.

One eye moves normally, while the other points in (esotropia or “crossed eyes”), out (exotropia), up (hypertropia) or down (hypotropia). Strabismus is often mistakenly referred to as “lazy eye” or known as amblyopia; a result from constant unilateral strabismus. It is also referred to as “crossed eyes”, “wandering eyes”, or having a “cast”. Other names include “squint”, “crossed eye”, “google eye”, “boss eye”, “cock eye”, “wonk eye”, “codeye” and “wok eye”.“Cross-eyed” means that when a person with strabismus looks at an object, one eye fixes on the object and the other fixes with a convergence angle less than zero; the optic axes overconverge. “Wall-eyed” means that when a person with strabismus looks at an object, one eye fixes on the object and the other fixes with a convergence angle greater than zero; that is, the optic axes diverge from parallel. All people who wear glasses have cross-eyed condition of some level – the glasses cause it!

Going through The Secret of Eyes program resolves Cross-Eyed problem, both eyes get aligned and move in coordinated way.

Wearing glasses or corrective lenses aggravate eyesight problems and might lead to major eye diseases.

glaucomaMost common Eye Diseases:
Glaucoma – There are many different subtypes of glaucoma, but they can all be considered as a type of optic neuropathy – eye disease in which the optic nerve is damaged in a characteristic pattern. This can permanently damage vision in the affected eye(s) and lead to blindness. It is normally associated with increased fluid pressure in the eye (aqueous humour). Laser trabeculoplasty used to treat open angle glaucoma is a temporary solution and not always helping, also as a Canaloplasty – a nonpenetrating procedure using microcathetertechnology is not a cure. Long-term results in medical approach are not available. People who want to prevent this condition or have it already can be greatly helped getting through The Secret of Eyes program.
Cataracts are opacities of the lens. While some are small and do not require any treatment, others may be large enough to block light and obstruct vision. Cataracts usually developed as the aging lens becomes more and more opaque and also after injury to the lens. Diabetes is also a risk factor for cataract. Cataracts are diseases and disorders of lenses realted to the lack of nutrients to crystalline (lens) and wastes withdowals. The lens composed of cristalline which is over 90% of the water-soluble proteins, it fully depents on supplies of Aqueous humour – a watery substance consisting protein, the lens receives all its nourishment from the Aqueous humor Nutrients diffuse into the lens and waste diffuses out through a constant flows of fluid – from the anterior and posterior poles of the lens and out of the equatorial regions. If these prosesses aggravated than lack of nutrients and accomulation of toxic wastes cause a Cataracts. Wearing glasses and contacts is the basic cause of the violation of the dynamic of this processes in the eyes, resulting in the lack of nutrients and accomulation of toxic wastes and leading to Cataracts. The Secret of Eyes program provides technology how to rebuild the structure and the processes in the eyes and restore vision.

People with the first signs of cataracts, who want to prevent this particular condition or revind it, if already have, shoud get to The Secret of Eyes program immidiately.

Macular Degeneration is a condition which usually affects older adults, a loss of vision in the macula ( central area of the retina which provides the most detailed central vision) because of damages to the retina ( light-sensitive tissue lining the inner surface of the eye). It occurs in “dry” and “wet” forms. It is a major cause of blindness and visual impairment in older adults over 50 years. Macular degeneration can make it difficult or impossible to read or recognize faces, although enough peripheral vision remains to allow other activities of daily life.

Starting from the inside of the eye and going towards the back, the three main layers at the back of the eye are the retina, which contains the nerves; the choroid, which contains the blood supply; and the sclera, which is the white of the eye. The tissues of all this layers like all other parts of the eye and each cell need all vitamins, minerals and microelement for constant regeneration and healthy metabolism which is complex process of delivering nutrients, using them for the grows and withdrawing the wastes. Accomulated wastes become very toxic and cause Macular Degeneration. The luck of nutrition results on poor metabolism and cosiquently manifests each and single health problems and eye diseases in particular. Wearing glasses or corrective lenses significantly aggrivates all eye problems – that’s why so mamy aged people suffer of cataracts, glaucoma and retinal degeneration growing in numbers each year.

Ectopia lentis is the displacement of the lens from its normal position often accompanied by glaucoma, nearsightedness, astigmatigmatism, caused by prenatal intoxication and/or trauma.

Nuclear sclerosis is not optimal density of the lens nucleus, an early cataracts.

eye3About genetic disorders and syndromes.
The whole concept of genetic disorders and syndromes described like “child had to inherit the copy of the defective gene from parents to be effected…” is only assumptions which is too far from the reality, has no scientific proof behind and too much mistery involvolved. But to consider that some gene could be harmed and it resulfed in the health problems for the newborn babies – is very clear and simple explanation to the all genetic disorders. How gene can be harmed? Only by the toxins – any chemical matter alient to biological body, that penetrated through the reproductive system into the egg of future mother or spermatozoid of future father and later cause genetic modification and/or deficensy, also during the prenatal period of 9 months of pregnancy. What are this toxins is explained in “Toxins” article.

Watch The Secret of Eyes to find out how toxins can cause eye problems. how to eliminate the basic causees of eye dieases and how to rebuid eyes and vision and prevent from furthe degradation.

Eye Problems:

  • Near-sightedness
  • Far-sightedness
  • Over-40’s reading blur
  • Astigmatism
  • Cross-Eyed
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Ectopia lentis
  • Nuclear sclerosis