angry-manAll emotions in the negative range, such as antagonism, hostility, anger, hate, anxiety, fear, or grief, cause tension in the nerves of each muscle of the body including the eye muscles..

Try it now – imagine that you are stressed or angry – you feel the muscles of the neck and face getting tight right away, right? The same happens with these tiny muscles in your eyes – you probably never realized it.

Now smile, feel relaxed and pay attention – all muscles of your face become soft and smooth. See?!

It is extremely important, on your path toward eye improvement, to control your moods and your reaction an don’t get your eye muscles tensed, because only relaxed, freely-operating eye muscles can provide proper accommondation. Life is a big journey, and not always perfectly pleasant, but if we pay just a little attention – we can take control over our reactions very easily and change them at will.

Negative emotions can harm the body in many ways. The human body consists of about 70 trillion cells, and each cell has approximately1016 atoms. Their electrons, protons and neutrons are all held together by simultaneous cohesion and adhesion by flows of energy. This enormous number of constantly-moving particles can be compared to the universe, and it all coexists in harmonious balance!

Negative emotions ruin this balance and open the door to health problems.

How does this occur? Most of the human body liquid is water. Blood plasma is more than 91% water. Water has many of very peculiar properties, which make it integral to life. The elecrical bonds beween atoms inside the water molecule – called hydrogen bonding – are very flixable and very sensitive even to the slightest changes in the surrounding elecrical field.

Stress and negative emotion cause energy disturbances in the body liquid, making the molecules of water to auto-dissociate into hydroxide and hydronium ions in the following equilibrium:

2 H2O ⇔ OH− + H3O+

Hydronium is an electrically-charged positive ion (H3O+). A low value of pH indicates a high concentration of these ions, while a high pH indicates a low concentration. This ionic strenth stands for the level of pH. And vise versa, the level of pH indicates the ionic strenth. A pH of 7.4 is neutral. A pH value less than 7.4 indicates an acidic solution, and a pH value more than 7.4 indicates a alkaline solution.

A negatively-charged ion hydroxide (OH−. ) cannot exist in a free state, and it attaches to other structures, leaving free hydronium ion (H3O+ ), which is extremely acidic and harmful to blood, other fluids and consiquently all organs and parts of the body.

The optimal pH of the body’s fluids, such as blood or urine, is 7.4, slightly alkaline. At a pH lower than 7.4, the body activity is no longer optimal, metabolism is out of balance and any kind of health problems ensue. Acidity causes inflammation, rotting, decomposition or rustiness. All bacteria, viruses, fungi harmful to the body live only in an acidic environment. Think about it!

The outcome of this phenomenon is well reserched and described by Dr. Robert O. Young:

smiling-people“Can negative emotions effect pH? Yes! Emotions become biology. Your emotions are enegry in motion. And when you are consuming energy in negative emotions, you produce acid. When I have a client that’s in negative acid-forming emotion, all the body fluids, including the blood, will show a decline in pH, even if this person has been eating an alkaline diet. Can our emotions cause cancer? Absolutely. I have said that cancer is a four-letter word: ACID. When you have negative (acidic) emotions such as anger, hate, hostility, sadness or depression, you are creating metabolic acids that can cause ANY and ALL cancerous conditions of the body tissues. Pharmaceutical companies are creating drugs that may give you the illusion of feeling better, but they don’t deal with the acids caused by negative emotions. This can only lead to more physical and emotional pain”.

And so it is about any and all illnesses and diaseases. Every single health condition, including eye problems, can be triggered and aggrevated by negative emotions. Simply removing the acids from the body will not help – the new negative emotions produce new acids. It is well known that some incident or personal drama that is heavily charged with negative emotions could be found just before eyesight shifted or a cold began or even cancer was diagnosed.

Dr Bruce H. Lipton admitted: “The true secret to life lies not just within your DNA, rather within the whole mechanisms of your cell. Each cell membrane has receptors that pick up various environmental signals, and this mechanism controls the “reading” of the genes inside your cells. Your cells can choose to read or not read the genetic blueprint, depending on the signals received from the environment. So having a “program” of cancer or something in your DNA does not automatically mean that you’re destined to get cancer. Far from it! You are not controlled by your genetic makeup. Instead, your genetic readout (which genes are “turned on” and which are “turned off”) is primarily determined by your thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions”!

The major problem of the conventional medical application to the health is believing in the myth that your genes control your life. It makes you a victim of your heredity, assuring that you can’t change your genes, essentially meaning that your life is predetermined, that you have very little control over your health and without medicine – you’re out of luck. The new science, however, reveals that your perceptions control your biology, and this places you in the driver’s seat, because if you can change your perceptions, you can shape and direct your own genetic readout.

This new science also reveals that you, in fact, are an extension of your environment, which includes toxins in the environment, everything that you put into your body, your exercise, and exposure to sunlight, your emotions, your thoughts and belie.. The new biology moves you out of Victimhood into the Mastery over your own health!”

This new meaning of emotions makes them no less important than correct diet and avoiding toxins and, therefore it is precisely addressed with solutions on “The Secret of Eyes” Eyesight Improvement Program.