dousingDousing is the practice of pouring water, generally cold, over oneself to change physiological processes for the purposes of improving health and performance. It is old tradition used in many cultures over the world by people who wants to restore their health and maintain it. This practice is also noticed in the animal kingdom, like deer getting under the stream and letting cold water to heal him.

Ending a shower with cold water is usual naturapathic tradition but effect of dousing is way more intense and benefitial for health than just a cold shower.

Study showed that cold water dousing stimulates very positive biofeedbacks of physiological activities such as brainwaves, heart function, breathing, muscle tension and body temperature. Performing dousing in conjunction with proper thinking and emotions supports and enhances desired physiological changes and provides remarcable health improving effects.

Pouring cold water over the body causes very intersting phenomenon – the temperature inside the body jumps for a moment up to 106F/41C and in a winter time – even steam comes out under the arms. This fiver kills harmful bacteris and leaves pro-life bacteria in the body more beneficial.

The temperature 102F/39C and above is well known self-defense biological mechanism. Body temperature is largely regulated by a region of the brain known as the hypothalamus. When the body comes under attack by infectious bacteria or viruses, or undergoes certain types of injury, the hypothalamus responds by elevating body temperature. This response is actually an innate healing mechanism, because an elevated body temperature activates the immune system, thereby speeding up the healing process by destroying harmful bacteria and viruses which otherwise will cause inflammations.

The biofeedback phenomenon of various physiologic functions of dousing was learned by recording of electrical activity along the scalp, measuring brainwaves, voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain, muscle tone, skin conductance, and heart rates.

Cold water experience can be described as great rush and leaves one with a sense of well being similar to feelings of the great energy buzz after running in the morning. Dousing generats energy and stimulates the body immune system making practically not susceptible to the cold and flu all year around. This high physiological energy also improves emotions and gives afterword beautiful feelings of serenity, reunion with nature and unbeatable feeling of becoming master of your health and body.

In case of any pain, any disease – there is an inflammation. Together with raw food diet dousing heals your body of inflammations.

body2Scientists have detected radiating electrical fields around body, but on people who are not healthy this field appears broken, with black spots. Right after dousing the field was observed as restored – complete shining sphere. Dousing helps to restore flows of energy inside and around the body, it heals.

It is easy to observe that medical application to health conditions doesn’t work. We see that our society is simply turning to the empire of hospitals. All medications contain toxic ingredients and it is foolish to consume them because they always damage delicate body tissues and cells.

Old-time patent medicines were forty percent alcohol that damages the nerve extensions, like still widely-used mouth wash or cough syrup, that’s why we feel sleepy after using them. If doctors would really know what to do they and their families would always be healthy. But they are NOT.

We ought to take responsibility for our health into our own hands and stop being naïve about medications. Read the endless lists of frightening side effects and get the true concept that each medication essentially is toxsin – a poison eventually harmful to the delicate body tissues.

Dousing is great system of natural healing.

The best way to do it is outdoors barefoot on the ground. The temperature of the water should be no more than 52 F or 11C. Water above 52F degrees has no healing properties. You might have to cool the water off in the refrigerator.

Pick up the water,
Pray or ask 3 times for health for yourself, health for your loved ones and health for all good people. It makes you to postulate improvements in the health of the whole body and the eyes in particular and triggers desirable changes deeply in the level of the chromosomes.
Than lift up your hands with pail and poor the water over your head.
Pour it evenly and calmly, keep your breath steady and calmly while dousing. Don’t worry, it takes only few seconds, it wouldn’t make you to feel cold but let the miracle of the Cold Water Dousing happen!
This simple but powerful healing method working through unification with nature is used not only as healing but as preventive as well.

People start dousing in the summer then winter comes, and eventually, they do it barefoot in the snow and instead of cold feel great energy inside the body.

The recommendation of cold water dousing technology is: if you get sick – do the dousing every 4 hours, if healthy – do once a day to maintain health and feel younger. It costs nothing, but works healing miracles and helps to keep wellness all your life.

Healing effects of water are amazing. The latest revolutionary discovery has revealed that water actually responds to the emotion to words and emotions changing its structure and obtaining healing properties. When we drink it or pour over our body, it restructures the energy flows inside and around the body, even improves the structure of our genome and changes it for the better – all under thoughts and words of hope and love!

Masaru Emoto a Japanese researcher and many of his followers proved t,hat human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water and that the water can perceive communication. We can turn water into the healing substance just by talking to it! Its about water to drink, water inside the body – 65-90% of weight, water inside the eyes – 99%, and water for dousing. So, ask your water for what you want, express it, let it be heard, imagine that it happened already – it will become true!

The water for dousing after your praying or postulating gains healing properties. Simultaneously all liquids inside your body and eyes changes its quality for the better making it more auspicious for ultimate health and great eyesight.

You might want to read the life story of the true man of nature Porphiry Ivanov – a 20th century master of cold water dousing who dedicated his life to promoting this practice of self healing by dousing and unification with nature in a name of great health and better life.

And after all, dousing is great physical activity and it is fun!

The Secret of Eyes shows exact way how to do it for your health betterment and faster eyesight improvement!